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Holiday Trading Hours- July 2016
Please be informed that due to US Holiday (Independence Day), market operation hours will be as follow:
Market will close on Monday 4th July 2016, at 17.00hrs (GMT) and will resume on Monday 4th July 2016, at 22.00hrs (GMT).
Winter Trading Hours - Nov 2016
Please note that the time in North America will revert back to Winter time on 06th November 2016 (Sunday).
The Market opens on Sunday 23:00 GMT and ends at 21:30 GMT on Friday.
NEW Hudson Global Capital Online Trading
General, 15th October 2008 (0930hrs GMT) - Hudson Global Capital has completed upgrading its current Etrade (internet trading platform) to a more robust, secure and faster system with an improved user interface. You will also enjoy better interactivity and enhanced reliability.

Please take note of the following:

- All existing Etrade online customers would have previously received a notification containing their new User ID by June 2007. Please feel free to email us at or click to speak to our online Service Advisor for any further clarification on the migration process.

- The current Etrade online trading portal will be decommissioned and taken out of production on 29th October 2008.

- If you have opened your Etrade account after 19 August 2007, you will not be affected by this migration process as your account will be opened in the new system.

- During this migration period, our helpdesk may experience an overwhelming volume of enquiries. If you have difficulty contacting through, please drop us an email and we will get back to you promptly.
Mid-Day Report: Market Shocked by Brexit, UK Told to Leave ASAP - 20:49 2016/06/24
The global financial markets are shocked by the surprised by the result of the EU referendum in UK, which showed 52% voted for "leaving" EU. FTSE dropped to as low as 5788.7 in initial trading before recovering to 6074 at the time of writing, losing -4.2%. DAX and CAC are
Daily Report: Britons Choose to Leave EU, Sterling Dives to Lowest since 1985 - 13:05 2016/06/24
The global financial markets are rocked by the surprised result of the EU referendum in UK. At the time of writing, the "Leave" camp has already secured the 16.8m vote needed to win the referendum. GBP/USD took out 2009 low at 1.3503 to the lowest level since 1985. And the
Mid-Day Report: Global Equities Rise as Brexit Vote Starts - 21:30 2016/06/23
Global equities markets are trading higher today as 46.5m Britons start to vote in the EU referendum. The positive development in stocks suggests that trader are seeing a higher chance the UK will stay with EU after the referendum. Meanwhile, Sterling extends recent rise and takes commodity currencies higher. Yen
Daily Report: Sterling Higher as Britons Prepare to Vote - 12:07 2016/06/23
Sterling strengthens mildly against as 46.5m Britons are ready to vote on the EU referendum in UK. The race is certainly tight according to the latest poll results. A poll by ComRes for the Daily Mail and ITV News showed 48% supported "Remain" and 42% supported "Leave" with 11% undecided.
Mid-Day Report: Final Countdown to EU Referendum, Markets Steady - 21:08 2016/06/22
European equities are having another day of strength as the EU referendum in UK enters the final countdown. At the time of writing, FTSE is trading up 0.8%, DAX up 1.0% and CAC up 0.7%. US futures point to a flat open though. In the currency market, Sterling remains the
Daily Report: Dollar Soft after Yellen Testimony, Brexit Campaign Enters Final Day - 13:02 2016/06/22
Dollar recovered mildly against Euro and Yen but stays weak against other major currencies after Fed chair Janet Yellen's testimony before Senate Banking Committee. Yellen noted a few risks to law makers including "Brexit". She said that "a UK vote to exit the European Union could have significant economic repercussions".
Mid-Day Report: Markets Steady as Fed Chair Yellen Watched - 21:10 2016/06/21
Markets are relatively steady today as traders and investors await Fed chair Janet Yellen's testimony before Senate Banking Committee. Markets are also having another eye on news regarding the Brexit referendum on June 23. A YouGov poll for the Times newspaper showed 44% support "leave" and 42% support "remain. Another
Daily Report: Markets Steady after Rally, Focus Turns to Yellen - 10:59 2016/06/21
The financial markets turned steady after yesterday risk appetite rally. Nikkei opened the day mildly lower but pared loss quickly. That followed 129.7 pts, or 0.73% rally in DJIA overnight. Sterling remains the strongest major currency so far, followed by commodity currencies. Yen and Swiss Franc are the weakest as
Mid-Day Report: Risk Markets Surge on Receding Brexit Fear, Sterling Firm - 21:50 2016/06/20
Global markets jump sharply higher today as Brexit fears recede. DJIA open up over 100 pts or 1.3% and could be heading back to 18000 handle. At the time of writing, FTSE is trading up nearly 200 pts, or 3.3% while DAX and CAC are both up 3.5%. Sterling surges
Daily Report: European Majors Jump as "Remain" Camp Gained Momentum in UK - 12:14 2016/06/20
European majors open the week sharply higher as latest Brexit polls in UK showed that support has swung back to the "remain" camp. A poll by Survation for the Mail on Sunday showed 45% supporting "remain" with EU and 42% supporting "leave". A YouGov survey for the Sunday Times showed