Introducing Broker Program

To insure leading positions in providing high quality online trading all over the globe, Hudson Global Capital Ltd (HGC) offers special program, called Introductory Broker (IB) Program. We invite to mutually beneficial cooperation Brokers, Banks, and Financial Institutions, even individuals from all over the world, interested in establishing their presence on the global financial market.

We will provide you links to our website Real servers, Back Office, necessary software, Financial links and phone numbers to our Dealing Desk. If you wish, your clients wouldn't even know that we are right behind you. You will provide your clients through advertising and marketing in your respective areas.

To request more details regarding our IB program, please contact us and tell us about yourselves, i.e., who you are, what country are you from, how long are you in this business and how big is expected volume in your area. We will respond within next two business days maximum.


Rapid and fair trade execution. Every currency price is a level at which HGC's dealers are prepared to trade, eliminating problems with re-quotes. In addition, there are no system or software delays with this advanced trading platform.

State-of-the-art trading software. The HGC trading software provides real-time prices in major currencies, live charts, and real-time P&L and account equity tracking. We believe that this trading software has set new standards in performance and reliability.

Safety of Funds. Clients can be assured that funds and integrity of dealing are maintained at all times. Furthermore, HGC's withdrawal process is fast and efficient, providing clients with quick access to their funds at all times.

Live Charts, streaming news, Live quotes and real-time P&L tracking. These features are integrated into the trading software, providing clients with a powerful array of trading tools. $100,000 minimum transaction size. Clients can fine-tune or limit positions sizes to manage their accounts as effectively as possible.

Daily analysis and extensive client support. HGC clients will benefit from the research and analysis expertise of HGC's experienced staff.