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Crude Oil
Previous Day Range High: 49.79 Low: 49.12 Close: 49.61
Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: 50.18
R-1: 49.89
S-1: 49.22
S-2: 48.84
High: 49.89
Low: 49.22
Oil prices rose on Wednesday, despite the rising US dollar, as focus shifted to US President Joe Biden’s upcoming decisions regarding the oil and natural gas industry, in addition to a drop in the US crude inventories. News agencies reported that US President Biden intends to take a series of decisions that would affect the oil and natural gas industry. The US Energy Information Administration reported today that crude inventories fell 9.9 million barrels to 476.7 million barrels during the past week, beating forecasts of a drop by 1.7 million barrels. WTI crude February futures rose 1.1% to $53.1 a barrel, after hitting a high of $53.3 and a low of $51.8.
Previous Day Range High: 13586.00 Low: 12884.75

Close: 12979.25

Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: 13851.25
R-1: 13415.25

S-1: 12714.00
S-2: 12448.75

High: 13415.25
Low: 12714.00

Nasdaq fell 2.6% or 355 points to 13,270 points, after hitting a day high of 13,538 and a low of 13,192 points.
Previous Day Range High: 30884 Low: 30054 Close: 30097
Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: 31175
R-1: 30636
S-1: 29806                                            S-2: 29515
High: 30636
Low: 29806
Dow Jones fell 2% or 634 points, and closed at 30,303 points, a day high of 30,893 and a low of 30,206 points.
Previous Day Range High: 3853.00 Low: 3706.50 Close: 3722.00
Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: .3907.00
 R-1:  3814.50
S-1: 3668.00                                        S-2: 3614.00
High: 3814.50                                 Low: 3668.00
S&P 500 fell 2.6% or 99 points to 3,750 points, after hitting a day high of 3,836 and a low of 3,732 points.
Previous Day Range High: 1853.15 Low: 1831.15 Close: 1841.90
Technical Chart Resistance
 R-2: 1864.07                                       R-1: 1852.98
S-1: 1830.98
S-2: 1820.07
High: 1852.98                                  Low: 1830.98
Gold prices fell on Tuesday, as the US dollar rose against its rivals, which weighed down on prices of commodities including Gold. The Federal Reserve decided today to hold the interest rate unchanged between zero and 0.25%, and also kept the size of its monthly bond purchases program at $120 billion. Gold February futures fell 0.3% or $6, and closed at $1844.90 an ounce, with a day high of $1851.5 and a low of $1828.4.


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