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Crude Oil
Previous Day Range High: 40.33 Low: 38.35 Close: 40.18
Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: 41.60
R-1: 40.89
S-1: 38.91
S-2: 37.64
High: 40.89
Low: 38.91
Oil prices rose on Wednesday, to extend gains after the US crude inventories data showed a higher than expected drop in the EIA weekly report. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed today that the US crude inventories fell by about 4.4 million barrels to 496 million barrels during the past week, better than forecasts of -1.8 million. The American Petroleum Institute (API) showed yesterday in preliminary data that inventories fell 9.5 million barrels during the same period. Hurricane Sally lumbered across the Gulf of Mexico, which led to the suspension of a large portion of the US oil and natural gas production in the vital region. As of 17:48 GMT, WTI crude October futures (NYMEX) rose 4.8% to $40.1 a barrel, after it hit a high of $40.1 and a low of $38.3.
Previous Day Range High: 11550.00 Low: 11237.50

Close: 11267.25

Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: 11664.08
R-1: 11465.67

S-1: 11153.17
S-2: 11039.08

High: 11465.67
Low: 11153.17

Nasdaq rose 1.2% or 140 points to 11,050, after it hit a high 11,245 and a low 11,046.
Previous Day Range High: 28367 Low: 27965 Close: 28055
Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: 28531
R-1: 28293
S-1: 27891                                  S-2: 27727
High: 28293
Low: 27891
Dow Jones rose 0.1% or 36 points to close at 28,032 after it hit a day high 28,364 and a low 28,021.
Previous Day Range High: 3429.75 Low: 3384.00 Close: 3389.50
Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: .3446.83
R-1:  3418.17
S-1: 3372.42                                  S-2: 3355.33
High: 3418.17                              Low: 3372.42
S&P 500 rose 0.5% or 15 points to 3,385, after it hit a high 3,429 and a low 3,384.
Previous Day Range High: 1973.40 Low: 1949.60 Close: 1957.90
Technical Chart Resistance
R-2: 1984.10                                R-1: 1971.00
S-1: 1947.20
S-2: 1936.50
High: 1971.00                            Low: 1947.20
Gold prices rose on Wednesday, to resume gains after pausing yesterday on profit-taking, to jump once again near a 2-week high, while the US dollar fell against a basket of major currencies ahead of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions. Gold prices rose 0.8% to $1,968.75 an ounce, after opening at $1,953.02, with a session high of $1,949.83. The yellow metal closed lower by 0.1% yesterday, posting its first daily gain in 3 days, on profit-taking from a 2-week high of $1,972.16.


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