Asia Eagle Equity

Careful and Timely Executions Will Eventually Gather Momentum Growth

Asia Eagle Equity Fund
Investment objective Achieve long-term capital growth by investing only in Asia equity markets
Fund mandate Emphasis on active blue chips selection

Focus on maximum 10 blue chips

Asset allocation Funds Weights As of 30th April 2010
Financial: 20.10%
Energy: 16.10%
Telecommunication: 12.30%
Material: 10.80%
Consumer Staples: 10.00%
Consumer Discretionary: 9.20%
Industrial: 7.90%
Infrastructure: 5.60%
Public Utilities: 4.10%
Agriculture: 3.90%
Maximum return objective 20% over a period of 12 months
Minimum return objective 6% over a period of 12 months
Recommended term 12 months and longer
Target market Investors who are in their wealth buildup phase and require little income yield in the short term

Investors seeking exposure to the Asia equity market

Investors who are able to withstand short-term market fluctuations in pursuit of maximum total returns over the short term

Fee structure (excl. VAT) Administration fee: 3%
Income distribution & Penalty 12 months
Lock in Period: 12 months (early redemption penalties apply)
Penalty: 5% on the Net Asset value
Investment 1 share: $100.00
Minimum: 500 shares or $50 000.00
Additional: 200 shares or $20 000.00
Fund category Asia Equity Fund
Subscription date 30th Day of the month
Initial Offer Price: $100.00

Asia Eagle Equity

The start of the year 2010 seems to suggest that the global economy is and begun its route to recovery. Government in the developing countries of the Southeast Asia region has structured detailed stimulus programs to enhance domestic consumption via the implementation of infrastructure development projects, such as construction of roads, bridges and power plants in order to ease the impact, received from lower export trade.

A careful and timely execution of these programs not only eases the financial situation but will collectively post strong growth as the financial market gathers momentum to its eventual recovery.

“Careful and Timely Executions Will Eventually Gather Momentum Growth.”


In supporting this insight, HCB Trust Ek. för. has launched the “Asia Eagle Equity Fund” (AEE Fund) to capitalize on the steady and eventual growth of the targeted market, mainly Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy in the next five years, total economy will grow 60% to reach 8,000 billion U.S. dollars. AEE fund’s portfolio include carefully selected high worth blue chips companies listed in the stock exchanges; in sectors of energy, banking, construction, agriculture and telecommunication; to provide a long term steady growth. Our fund managers will undertake the fixed-rate investment principles and processes into the precise analysis of each sector to determine their return potential, thus maximizing growth with asset protection.

For a more detail discussion on how you can benefit and invest in the Asia Eagle Equity Fund, please contact your respective financial advisor.

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