Contracts For Difference

Our ultimate goal is to deliver superior returns for our clients

CFD literally means Contracts for Difference. They were developed to allow clients to receive all the benefits of owning contracts a stock without having to physically own the stock. In other words you cannot take delivery of a CFD so you have to settle the difference between where you bought the contract and where you sold it. The difference is either profit or loss.

Purchasing a single CFD would work in a similar way to purchasing a single Index contract.

Buying and selling the performance of a Share or Index through CFDs is almost identical to a physical equity trade financed by a loan. Also as the client is trading Share CFDs and not the physical Share there will be no stamp duty to pay.

The other major benefit of trading CFDs is the fact that the client can trade on margin. CFD trading means clients can trade a full portfolio of Shares without having to tie up large amounts of capital.

We at Hudson Global Capital Ltd are specialists in CFD contracts, which, as explained above, are a stock index derivative that allows you to trade individual stocks index much more efficiently – on margin, with lower investments, short or long, hedging your portfolio or just making the most of short term market movements. To sum it up, the modern and intelligent way of trading stocks.

Foreign Exchange Trading

In today’s ever changing financial markets, the demand and supply for a particular currency, or its relative value, is the driving factor in determining exchange rates. Decreasing obstacles and increasing opportunities, such as the dramatic growth of the Asian and Latin American economies have created new opportunities for investors.

Regularly reported economic figures around the world, such as inflation or unemployment levels, as well as unexpected news, such as natural disasters or political instability, alters the desirability of holding a particular currency, thus influencing international supply and demand for that currency. The U.S. Dollar, therefore, fluctuates constantly against the currencies of the rest of the world. The current web of international trade and the resultant fluctuations in exchange rates have created the world’s largest market—the foreign exchange market, a market whose vast size makes it the most efficient, fairest, and liquid of all markets.

products symbol contract size margin requirement
EURO DOLLAR EUR/USD EUR $ 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
STERLING DOLLAR GBP/USD GBP 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
DOLLAR JAPANESE YEN USD/JPY USD $ 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
DOLLAR SWISS FRANC USD/CHF USD $ 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
DOLLAR CANADIAN USD/CAD USD $ 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR AUD/USD AUD $ 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
EURO DOLLAR / JAPANESE YEN EUR/JPY EUR $ 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
STERLING POUND/ JAPANESE YEN GBP/JPY GBP $ 100,000 USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)

The foreign exchange market is a cash interbank or interdealer market. Foreign exchange, however, is not a “market” in the traditional sense since there is no centralized location for trading activity. Trading occurs over the telephone and through computer terminals at thousands of locations worldwide. The direct interbank market consists of dealers with currency settlement capabilities trading as principals. It is this dealer segment of the market that is responsible for generating a large portion of the overall foreign exchange volumes. Trading between dealers creates the largest turnover in the market, making foreign exchange the most liquid of all markets.

Trading approximately $1.5 trillion every day, the foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. Traditionally, the foreign exchange market has only been available to banks, money managers, and large financial institutions. Over the years, these institutions, including the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, have realized large gains via currency trading.

This growing market is now linked to a worldwide network of currency traders, including banks, central banks, brokers, and customers, such as importers and exporters. Today, the foreign exchange market offers opportunities for profit not only to banks and institutions, but to individual investors as well.

The high level of gearing available in the spot markets make the contracts attractive instruments for speculative investors and the liquidity and low trading costs compare well to most other markets if you wish to trade actively.

For the speculator, a diversified strategy combined with a well executed risk management plan is essential to long term out performance. Due to the inherent risks of geared investments, only risk capital should be applied. Although we will execute orders for you in any major market, financial or otherwise, our particular expertise is in the traditional, “real” commodities, such as e.g. sugar, cocoa, coffee, grains, precious metals.

Spot Bullion / Commodity Trading

Over the centuries, commodities has been the basis of trading for merchants and traders. Slowly, it has developed into a big market place where producers and buyers get together in an exchange to try to agree to a price and specification of the commodity. Today, a financial system regulated by an exchange is in placed for regulated commodities trading.

Commodities are traded mostly in the futures exchange in CBOT where a vast varieties of commodities are available for the most sophisticated traders and merchants to either hedge their products or just for speculators to trader in the exchange.

Hudson Global Capital does not deal in Commodity Futures Contracts, instead we provide Spot Commodity trading, in view of its high liquidity and movements.

products symbol contract size margin requirement
SPOT GOLD XAU 100 OZS USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)
SPOT SILVER XAG 5,000 OZS USD $ 1,000 / $ 2,000 (day/overnight)

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