Global Mining Fund (B)

Seizing Recovery Momentum to Gain Foothold

Global Mining Fund (B)
Investment objective To achieve mid to long term capital growth by investing in Mining Industries
Fund mandate Emphasis on stable blue chip mining companies and funds

Selective gold sectors

Major Holdings GOLDCORP INC.
Asset allocation Funds Weights As of 15th March 2017
By Countries
Canada: 40.25%
America: 27.25%
Australia: 14.35%
England: 8.35%
South Africa: 5.55%
Others: 2.10%
Cash: 2.15%

By Sectors
Gold and Precious Metals: 48%
Raw Materials (base metal): 46%
Cash: 2.15%
Energy: 1.85%
Others: 2.00%

Maximum return objective No limits
Minimum return objective 8% over a period of 12 months
Recommended term 12 months and longer
Target market Investors who are in their wealth build up phase and require conservative yield in the short term

Investors seeking exposure in the Mining sector

Investors who are able to withstand short-term market fluctuations in pursuit of maximum returns over the short to mid term

Fee structure (excl. VAT) Subscription fee: 2%
Income distribution 12 months
Lock in Period: 180 days (early redemption penalties apply)
Penalty: 5% on Net Asset Value
Investment 1 share: $100.00
Minimum: 500 shares or $50 000.00
Additional: 200 shares or $20 000.00
Fund category Global Mining Fund (B)
Subscription date 15th Day of the month
Initial Offer Price: $100.00

Global Mining Fund (B)

Commodity prices have recovered quite a bit this past year and it is going through a period of consolidation right now. However, with the world still filled with uncertainties and political turmoil, we feel that the time is right to explore further in investing in the precious metal sector and also other commodities.

The HCB Global Mining Fund (B), which is managed and supervised by HCB Trust Ek. för. aims to provide investor this opportunity to invest in this precious metal sector and hard commodity sectors which we see good potential in the near to mid-term future.

“Seizing Recovery Momentum to Gain Foothold.”

Investment Objective

The objective of the Fund is to achieve an investment remuneration of which most of the investment will be in gold, silver or precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium etc. On top of that we will be investing in copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc, lead and tin. We will be exploring investment opportunities in companies that deal in other commodities such as industrial minerals, titanium dioxide, borate, coal, iron and steel as well as alternative energy businesses.

Investment Focus

The Fund will be investing in companies that are well-managed, competitive and with long-term growth potentials. These companies should have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Focus on high growth rate of the global industry;
  • Have enjoyed local or regional leadership and have the ambition to continue to expand and not just to maintain the status quo;
  • Products and services with high value-added competitive advantages like technology and the ability to invest in the development of this advantage;
  • Committed to adding value to shareholders using economic value added (EVA) and enterprise risk management technology.
Investment Highlights

The fund will seek to invest in sound individual companies which have good overall fundamental views of the performance of the industry. As the main focus is still on long term growth, it will invest only in companies that have a reasonable valuation.

The overall and individual factors can be defined by the following criteria:

  • The industries in which they operate in with reasonable producers and stable industrial supply.
  • Increased general demand for final product.
  • Business development, economic of scale development.
  • Valuable business dealership.
  • Efficient distribution capacity.
  • R & D capabilities.
  • Financial strength.
  • Difficult for competitors to enter.
  • Shrewd management.
  • Shareholder wealth creation record.

For a more detail discussion on how you can benefit and invest in the HCB Global Mining Fund (B), please contact your respective financial advisor.

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