Dear Sirs,


1. I, the undersigned write to notify you that I have appointed _________________________________ [Passport/ ID NO. _________________ residential address _______________________ TEL No. _____________________ Mobile/Pager No. ____________________Email address ______________________________ ] (hereinafter called my "Agent") to act on my behalf to give buy or sell instructions of every type and description including but not limited to futures, foreign exchanges, metals, options and CFDs.


3. I further declare and agree that:-

(a) my agent shall have power as my agent to act as fully and effectually for the purpose(s) as I could do personally;

(b) all acts and matters previously done by my Agent in respect of my account(s) opened and maintained with you are hereby deemed ratified and confirmed; and

(c) notwithstanding the authorisation given to my Agent above, I may still communicate instructions to you personally. However, in the event of any inconsistency between instructions communicated by my Agent and instructions communicated by me personally, you shall have the absolute discretion (but shall not obliged) to act upon the instructions communicated last in time and in your sole opinion considered capable of being acted upon, and in so acting you shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever and howsoever arising.

4. I further acknowledge that my appointment of my Agent is made by me of my own free will and as a result of my own judgment and deliberations. You shall accordingly be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage which I may suffer or incur as a result of the acts or omissions of my Agent (including any acts involving dishonesty, criminal breach of trust, theft or other criminal offences). I further agree to be fully responsible for such acts or omissions of my Agent and shall indemnify and hold you harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, penalties, adverse consequences, losses, damages, costs or expenses (including legal fees on a full indemnity basis) which you may incur, be subjected to or suffer, arising out of , in relation to or in connection with, your relying on or acting in accordance with acts and /or omissions of my Agent within the scope of my Agent’s ostensible authority. In this connection I also acknowledge that any and every instruction given by my Agent for my account or to be attributed thereto shall be deemed to be given in exercise or purported exercise of the authority conferred hereunder and not in some other capacity. I also acknowledge that you are not obliged to ascertain or enquire into the terms and conditions on which my Agent was appointed, the context or circumstances in which any decision was taken by my Agent, the soundness of such decision or the purpose for which any of the decisions were taken.

5. The appointment of my Agent and authority conferred shall continue until written notice of revocation by me is received by you. I undertake to ratify and confirm all acts and things done by my Agent on my behalf until your receipt of such notification.

6. I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Risk Disclosure and understand its contents. I am signing this letter of authorisation after having reviewed the risks pointed out to me and am willing to accept the same and I am signing this letter of authorisation voluntarily.

Yours faithfully

Name of Customer   Signature/Date

Name of Account Executive   Signature/Date


PLEASE DO NOT SIGN THIS LETTER OF AUTHORISATION IF YOU DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIGNING IT. This letter authorisation is an IMPORTANT DOCUMENT. By signing it, you are authorising your Agent to enter into trading transactions on your behalf. You should know that your Agent will be acting as your agent. We will therefore not be responsible for any acts or omissions of your Agent in respect of any acts and/or things which may be done by him or her in exercise of authority you have given by signing this letter. In particular, we will not be responsible for any theft, misappropriation or other criminal, fradulent or negligent acts of your Agent with respect to your share transactions.

Please also particularly note that in granting this discretionary trading authority your Agent may effect trading transactions without reference to you.